Greenchef Mixer Grinder Venus Plus 550W 3Jars

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  • Powerful 550-watt motor
  • Designed with an anti-slip base
  • Very sleek and compact
  • High-Performance Blade
  • Ergonomic handles


Venus plus



Number of jars



ABS body, Stainless Steel jars




5 years warranty on motor / 2 years warranty on body

Package Weight


The Greenchef Venus Plus mixer grinder is a great addition to your kitchen. It features a robust 550-watt motor that makes it work seamlessly. Its 3 chrome steel jars make it a versatile and effective addition to any kitchen. Its blades lift the food and ground it at the same time, making it a fine blender.
Mixer Grinder  

Greenchef Venus plus Mixer Grinder

Greenchef Venus plus mixer grinder is provided with a robust motor. This mixer makes you experience a smooth and fast blending in every usage. The mixer comes with 3 chrome steel jars and is fitted with a robust 600-watt motor. This mixer grinder has special blades that lift the food and grind it at the identical time, to make a fine blend of its contents destroying lumps. the underside of the grinder has an anti-slip base, which uses vacuum suction to stay the grinder in situ while it's in use. It comes in an exceedingly very sleek and compact design, which doesn't take up an excessive amount of cupboard space and also keeps up with the elegance of your kitchen. Make this part of your kitchen today and knowledge new delights.


High Performance Blade

These blades help in cutting and blending the toughest ingredients for a smooth and effective cooking technique. They are designed to allow the user to evenly distribute and blend the various textures of the food.


Ergonomic handles

The fashionable handles of these jars feature an ergonomic design and are designed to allow easy handling. They are strong enough to hold heavy batches of ingredients without breaking.


Overload Protection for Motor

Green Venus Plus mixer grinders are equipped with an overload protector. This device stops the motor from running if the power supply gets too heavy or if the ingredients get too hot.


Stainless Steel Jars

These durable and stain-resistant jars are made of food grade material and are designed to keep your food safe. They are also easy to clean and are ideal for storing beverages.

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