Greenchef Orra Stainless Steel Cookers Combo 5L & 3L

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  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Thick sandwich bottom
  • Both induction and gas compatible
  • Improved pressure regulator
  • Gasket Release System




5 years

Package Weight



Stainless Steel 

Capacity of cookers

3L & 5L

Special feature 

Induction base  

Orra combo is a 5L and 3L pressure cooker with a single top and a glass lid. It features a durable 304 food grade stainless steel body and is ideal for preparing rice, vegetables, and dal. Its three-layer lid retains heat while cooking.
Pressure Cooker combo

Greenchef Orra Stainless Steel Cookers Combo (5L & 3L)

Greenchef Introducing Orra Combo of Stainless-steel pressure cooker 5 Litre and 3 Litre with Single Cooker top and a glass lid for your kitchen. This ergonomic Stainless-Steel pressure cooker maintains its gleam without corroding which is an indication of its durability. Its SS 304 food-grade stainless steel body is ideal for pressure cooking dals/rice or vegetables on Gas stoves and Induction top as well. The unique three-layer encapsulated bottom absorbs and retains heat thus saving fuel while cooking. The cooker is easy to clean and simple to maintain. Prepare wholesome and nutritious meals for your loving family and friends.

Pressure Cooker combo
Pressure Cooker combo

Thick Sandwich Bottom

Greenchef orra cooker comes with aluminium core - a good conductor of heat, sandwiched between food-grade stainless steel and induction compatible stainless steel. This sandwich cooker bottom is 4.8mm thick, hence preserves its flatness without bulging into an uneven concave surface.

Pressure Cooker combo

Induction and Gas Compatible

The pressure cooker has an efficient induction base which makes it versatile cookware. It can also be used on multiple cooktops such as gas and electric stove for better convenience. This cooker is crafted with an anti-bulging base that can withstand regular usage without causing any damage to the base.

Pressure Cooker combo

Food-Grade Silicone Gasket

The Orra cooker lid comes with a food-grade silicone gasket which is made from the finest quality rubber. The rubber of the gasket ensures no harm to the food and is also quite durable.

Pressure Cooker combo

Handle with Double Screw

This Stainless-Steel outer lid cooker has a specially designed handle with a double screw for the ideal grip and support. The handles are made of Bakelite which is heat resistant and guarantees a safe cool touch.

Pressure Cooker combo

Side Handle for Easy Lifting

Greenchef Orra cookers are equipped with comfortable Bakelite side handles. These handles can help you to lift the cooker easily and keep your hands safe and away from heat and offer a firm grip.

Pressure Cooker combo

Combo Cooker Capacity

The Orra Cooker Combo contains two elegant pressure cookers with a shiny metallic finish. The large cooker is of 5 Liters and the smaller Cooker is of 3 Liters capacity in volume respectively with a single top and a glass lid. They are ideal for any type of contemporary kitchen.

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