Greenchef ORRA SS Cooker 2Ltr

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  • Premium Stainless-Steel pressure cooker
  • Thick Sandwich Bottom
  • Gasket Release System
  • Induction base
  • Improved Pressure Regulator




5 years

Package Weight



Stainless Steel

Capacity of cookers


Special feature

Induction base

Greenchef Orra autoclave is that the premium Stainless-Steel autoclave ideal for cooking curries, rice, soup, and vegetables for alittle family. This sandwich cooker bottom is 4.8mm thick, you'll use this cooker on your gas or induction. The enduring gasket doesn't interfere with the standard of the food.
Pressure Cooker  

Greenchef Orra Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Pressure Cooker (2L)

Greenchef Orra Pressure cooker is the premium Stainless-Steel pressure cooker ideal for cooking curries, rice, soup and vegetables for a small family. The Stainless-Steel weight and vent tube assembly ensure durability, the gasket release system ensures safety while cooking, the bakelite handle ensures smooth handling, the anti-bulging base prevents the Greenchef pressure cooker from becoming concave and retains its flatness in the bottom, the food-grade rubber gasket makes cooking healthier, the lead-free safety valve ensures that there is no contact of the food with poisonous lead content which is there in other pressure cookers.

Pressure Cooker
 Pressure Cooker

Handle with Double Screw

Handles are an integral part of any pressure cooker and is often the weakest in most of the pressure cookers. However, the Greenchef’s cooker handle has a double screw anti-rotating handle that stays firm and in place for a long time.

Pressure Cooker

Induction and Gas Compatible

Greenchef Orra induction base stainless-steel pressure cooker is multi-top compatible. Therefore, it can be used on standard gas, induction and electric cooktops. The base of the cooker remains flat without bulging or becoming concave.

 Pressure Cooker

Gasket Release System

Greenchef Orra cooker features a gasket release system that is a safe outlet to release surplus steam and pressure. In case there is any blockage of the vent tube, gasket will bulge and steam will release through the slot. Thus, making it extremely safe for usage.

Pressure Cooker

Food-Grade Silicone Gasket

Its ISI grade food safe rubber gasket is non-reactive and durable even when exposed to steam at high pressure and temperature. This enduring gasket does not interfere with the quality of the food.

Pressure Cooker

Improved Pressure Regulator

Designed to safely release pressure, the precision weight valve on this cooker helps you save time as well as energy. By regulating the cooking steam pressure, this valve saves your time and also keeps you safe.

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