Greenchef Chandini 2Burner LPG Gasstove AI

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  • Manual Gas Stove
  • Two Brass Burners
  • Stainless Steel Body Material
  • Auto Ignition
  • High Quality
  • Light weight and rust proof



Package Weight



2 years

Number of Burners


Burner type



67*35.5*10 cm (L*W*H)

Suitable For

Right side

Ignition Type

Auto Ignition

The Greenchef Chandini 2 Burner gas stove is a reliable and safe kitchen appliance that features a built-in safety feature. This unit is also equipped with a sleek body and a high-quality steel finish.
Auto ignition gas stove   Auto ignition gas stove  

Greenchef Chandini Auto Ignition 2 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Greenchef Chandini Gas Stove made of high-quality Stainless Steel and equipped with safety features aims to serve as a reliable appliance. Greenchef Chandini 2 Burner Gas Stove is a must have and efficient worker in your kitchen. Auto Ignition integrated battery-operated stainless-steel gas stove comes with a Thermal Efficient 2 Brass burner set up for a smart and safe cooking experience. This gas stove comes with a stainless-steel mirror finish body sleek design to make your kitchen space look appealing. You can easily place this compact gas stove over your kitchen counter without taking much space. The Brass Burners of the cooktop ensure even heat distribution for excellent cooking at low gas consumption. Durable in nature, rust-free with high performance, this will cater to all your cooking needs.

Auto ignition gas stove
Auto ignition gas stove

Firmer Grip Legs

Greenchef Chandini gas stove comes with non-breakable and rustproof legs for firmer grip. Stove movement becomes a risk factor when high pressure is applied while cooking and stirring. Our specially designed Anti-Skid Feet ensures that the stove stays stationary even when excess force or pressure is applied.

Auto ignition gas stove

Brass Burners

When it comes to the economy, Greenchef’s Brass Burner provides even flame in all directions with efficient heat all the while consuming lesser LPG. They are actual Brass burners and not just brass polished. High efficiency & long-lasting. This adds to the perfect look & feel of your kitchen.

Auto ignition gas stove

High-Quality Nozzle

Greenchef Chandini gas stove comes with a high-quality nozzle that is non-breakable and rustproof. This gas stove is equipped with a fixed type gas nozzle on the side, enabling you to place the cylinder on the right-hand side for your convenience.

Auto ignition gas stove

Powder Coated Pan Support

Powder-coating pan stands to increase the longevity of the product. Since this coating is scratch-free and non-reactive, this quality comes in handy while cooking, enhancing its efficiency. It accommodates all major pan sizes including heavy & large vessels.

Auto ignition gas stove

Backlit Knob

The autoignition system of Greenchef ensures precision flame control and safe usage of the gas stove. The ergonomic knob design makes turning the knob, easy on the fingers. The auto Ignition feature adds to the convenience of use.

Auto ignition gas stove

Easy to Clean

Greenchef Chandini gas stove is designed to last long. It ensures easy cleaning and maintenance while being utmost convenient to use. Chandini gas stove has a smooth surface that’s easy to clean with wet cloth.

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