Greenchef NAMO Induction Base innerlid Cooker 3ltr

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  • Ergonomic User-Friendly Handle
  • Inner locking lid
  • Precision Weight Valve
  • Safety Metallic Plug
  • Fixed Pivot




5 years

Package Weight






Capacity available

3L & 5L

Special feature

Inner lid

This cooker comes with metallic plug.The fixed sturdy pivot assists the self-centralizing lid in locking securely It is ideal for boiling meats and vegetables as well as preparing dals, curries, stews, stocks and pastas
Pressure cooker  

Greenchef Inner lid Aluminum Cooker (3L)

Greenchef inner lid aluminium pressure cooker features a 3 litres capacity and comes with ergonomic handles for comfortable grip. These handles are highly durable. Made from high-quality aluminium, you can safely use this pressure cooker for your daily cooking needs. Equipped with safety measures such as a metallic safety plug and a gasket release system, the Greenchef aluminium pressure cooker is built to provide you with an easy and safe cooking experience. Featuring a simple and easy-to-use design, you can use this pressure cooker to cook a wide variety of dishes with relative ease. Its well-designed handles are preventing them from getting too hot and keep your hands safe while handling the cooker. It is compatible with gas stoves. Designed with an inner locking lid and made using superior quality virgin aluminium, this pressure cooker is safe to use, long-lasting and corrosion and odour resistant. You can cook a variety of food items like rice, vegetables and different types of meats using this Greenchef aluminium pressure cooker.

Inner Lid Pressure Cooker
Inner lid Pressure Cooker

Precision Weight Valve

To ensure the first level of safety, Greenchef Pressure Cooker comes with a stainless-steel precision weight valve. By regulating the cooking steam pressure, this valve saves your time and also keeps you safe.

Inner Lid Pressure Cooker

User-Friendly Handle

Handles are an integral part of any pressure cooker and are often the weakest in most pressure cookers. However, the Greenchef’s cooker handle has an anti-rotating handle that stays firm and in place for a long time.

Inner lid Pressure Cooker

Fixed Pivot

The fixed sturdy pivot assists the self-centralizing lid in locking securely and safely in place, ensuring a steam-tight seal. It is also designed so that no undue pressure is put on the handles, as it is part of the metal handle itself. Thus, the handles last longer.

Inner lid Pressure Cooker

Safety Metallic Plug

This cooker comes with a metallic plug. A single safety plug releases pressure when the vent gets blocked. It is fitted on the lid which releases extra pressure when it rises beyond a safety level. The automatic Safety Valve is positioned such that, if it operates, the steam and food are deflected safely downwards.

Inner lid Pressure Cooker

Induction Base

The bottom surface of the pressure cookers, is compatible with gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and induction cook tops. The base is anti-bulging hence preserves its flatness without bulging into an uneven concave surface.

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