Greenchef Classic SS Cooker 5Ltr

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  • Lead-free safety valve ensures
  • Food grade rubber gasket
  • Thick Sandwich Bottom
  • Induction and Gas Compatible
  • Food-Grade Silicone Gasket




5 years

Package Weight



304 Grade stainless steel



Capacity available

3L & 5L

Special features

Induction base

Greenchef designed the best Classic Pressure cooker which is ideal for cooking curries, rice, soup, and vegetables for a small family is. And it is a  premium Stainless-Steel pressure cooker. The anti-bulging property of the base prevents the pressure cooker from becoming concave and retains its flatness in the bottom, The handle of this classic cooker has an anti-rotating handle that stays firm 

Pressure Cooker  

Greenchef Classic Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker (5L)

Make delicious meals with the help of this Pressure Cooker from Greenchef. This pressure cooker comes with the 3L capacity to help you cook fast and efficiently. It is designed with durable handles and a metallic safety plug so this cooker is more reliable and safer. This Namo pressure cooker ensures utmost safety as it is made using fine quality Virgin Aluminium. Provides uniform heating due to the excellent heat conduction capacity lighter and easy to handle High safety standards. With this Greenchef Namo Pressure Cooker, you can prepare delicious food quickly.

Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker

Thick Sandwich Bottom

Greenchef classic cooker comes with aluminium core - a good conductor of heat, sandwiched between food grade stainless steel and induction compatible stainless steel. This sandwich cooker bottom is 4.8mm thick, you can use this cooker on your gas or induction.

Pressure Cooker

Induction and Gas Compatible

Greenchef classic induction base stainless-steel pressure cooker is multi-top compatible. Therefore, it can be used on standard gas, induction and electric cooktops. The base of the cooker remains flat without bulging or becoming concave.

Pressure Cooker

Food-Grade Silicone Gasket

Its food grade safe rubber gasket is non-reactive and durable even when exposed to steam at high pressure and temperature. This enduring gasket does not interfere with the quality of the food.

Pressure Cooker

User Friendly Handle

Handles are an integral part of any pressure cooker and is often the weakest in most of the pressure cookers. However, the Greenchef’s cooker handle has an anti-rotating handle that stays firm and in place for a long time.

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