Greenchef Evok Aluminium Pressure Cooker 10L

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  • Metallic safety plug
  • Gasket release system
  • Improved pressure regulator
  • Made from virgin aluminium
  • Anti implosion lid
  • New improved handle with double screw




5 years

Model Name

Evok Strong Aluminium Pressure cooker



Lid Locking Mechanism

Knob Lock System

Dishwasher Safe






Special Features

Improved pressure regulator, strong and durable body, anti impulsion lid, ergonomic user-friendly handle, Gasket, new improved handle with two screw

Warranty Service Type

5 Year Company Warranty from the date of purchase. 

The Greenchef Evok Steam Pressure Cooker is a must-have for any kitchen. It features a built-in cleaning system that will keep the food at the ideal consistency while cooking. Its outer lid is equipped with a heat resistance shield that will keep the food at the ideal temperature.

Pressure Cooker

Greenchef Evok Aluminium Cooker (10L)

The Greenchef Evok Pressure Cooker is the best choice to make the most of your meal and keep up the safety of your food cooked. The most vital element while cooking is keeping up the cleanliness and this cooker is outlined in a way where you can ensure that the food cooked does not stick to the base by any means. The outer-lid acts as a support system & the cooking experience get better as the handle comes with heat resistance ensuring the safety of the chef. You can Steam fresh vegetables, make delicious Soups and Sauces or Savoury rice and Dal Dishes in minutes. Ensures Even Cooking, preventing food from getting Burnt. Maximum Safety, with Gasket Release system and a Fusible safety valve.

Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker

Improved Pressure Regulator

The precision-designed weight pressure regulator system helps regulate pressure better, cook faster and save on gas. It helps to make the cooking safe and time-saving for you.

Pressure Cooker

Anti-Implosion Lid

This level of safety is provided in Greenchef Evok Pressure Cooker, in case there is any blockage of the vent tube, the gasket will bulge and steam will release through the slot without implosion of the lid. Thus, making it extremely safe for usage.

Pressure Cooker

User-Friendly Handle

The Evok cooker features heat-resistant aesthetically designed Ergonomic Bakelite handles, so you can hold and move the cooker around with ease. The Bakelite handle is an easy grip and stays cool, which will allow you to handle the cooker with care.

Pressure Cooker

Handle with Double Screw

The body and handle both are fitted with 2 screws instead of a single screw, making it last longer and durable.

Pressure Cooker

Food-Grade Gasket

The Greenchef Evok Cooker comes with a food-grade rubber gasket that ensures safe cooking. This gasket provides the perfect seal that keeps the steam from escaping. It is also resistant to oil deposits and hence is easy to clean.

Pressure Cooker

Strong and Durable Body

Greenchef Evok Pressure Cooker is manufactured from a food-grade virgin aluminium body providing lightweight and high durability with an efficient ergonomic design. The cooker is resistant to scratches or stains.

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