Greenchef Namo Aluminium pressure cooker 5ltr

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  • ISI precisely tested
  • Metallic safety plug
  • Gasket Release System
  • Made from virgin aluminium
  • Sturdy and grip handles


5 liter

Model Name


Lid Locking Mechanism

Knob Lock System

Dishwasher Safe


Other Body and Design

Strong Aluminium Body


5 years

Package Weight


This Greenchef Namo Pressure Cooker comes with a 5L capacity and is designed to provide uniform heat distribution. It features a durable design and a safety plug.

Greenchef Namo 5 Litre Pressure Cooker (Aluminium)

Make delicious meals with the help of this Pressure Cooker from Greenchef. This pressure cooker comes with a 5L capacity to help you cook fast and efficiently. It is designed with durable handles and a metallic safety plug so this cooker is more reliable and safer. This Namo pressure cooker ensures utmost safety as it is made using fine quality Virgin Aluminium. Provides uniform heating due to the excellent heat conduction capacity lighter and easy to handle High safety standards. With this Greenchef Namo Pressure Cooker, you can prepare delicious food quickly.

Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker

Precision Weight Valve

To ensure the first level of safety, Greenchef Namo Pressure Cooker comes with a stainless-steel precision weight valve. By regulating the cooking steam pressure, this valve saves your time and also keeps you safe.

Pressure Cooker

User-Friendly Handle

Namo cooker’s handles are aesthetically pleasing and offer an easy grip. These handles also feature lock arrangements which ensure smooth unidirectional rotation. These design details ensure a durable and efficient use and also facilitate an easy fit.

Pressure Cooker


Greenchef Namo pressure cooker ensures utmost safety as it is made using fine quality Virgin Aluminium,which ensures faster and even cooking. Aluminium also makes the cookware durable and adds sturdiness to it.

Pressure Cooker

Metallic Safety Plug

A safety support device on the lid releases pressure when the vent pipe gets blocked. Releases excess steam through the small hole which is fitted to the top of the lid, when pressure rises beyond a safe level.

Pressure Cooker

ISI Certified

Greenchef Namo Pressure Cookers are recognized for their high quality and safety standard with ISI certification.

Pressure Cooker

Virgin Aluminium Body

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