Greenchef Flat Tawa 250mm Namo IB

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  • Companion for oil-free and healthy cooking
  • High-end induction friendly plate
  • Efficient Bakelite handle for ease of use
  • Has three-layer coating
  • Non-stick, Aluminum


Flat Tawa

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1 year


Non-stick, Aluminum


250mm,285mm, 310mm

Special Features

Induction base

The Greenchef Non-Stick Tawa is an oil-free and healthy alternative to traditional stick tawas. This versatile item works seamlessly with both gas and induction cooktops. High-end induction plate helps prevent warping and accidents. This tawa is also built with a long-lasting coating that will keep the food safe from getting damaged. It's also dishwasher safe.  
Non Stick  

Greenchef Namo IB 250mm non-stick Tawa

The Greenchef Non-Stick Tawa is your companion for oil-free and healthy cooking. This virgin aluminium Tawa offers effective heat distribution while cooking at a high temperature. The Greenchef Non-Stick Tawa is compatible with both gas stove and induction cooktop surfaces, fitting well with modern kitchens. An extra thick base with a high-end induction-friendly plate helps prevent accidents and warping. This Tawa has a high temperature-resistant outer surface coating that is long-lasting. Make rotis, chapatis, parathas, dosas, and pizzas for the entire family with this easy-to-use non-stick Tawa. For your convenience, this Tawa is also dishwasher safe. Greenchef non-stick Tawa is equipped with an efficient Bakelite handle for ease of use. Bakelite can withstand high temperatures and keep the heat away from your hands. Cook with ease with the wide base of this Tawa that ensures your food cooks evenly & quickly. Greenchef flat Tawa has a three-layer coating, durability layer, non-stick layer, and extreme stick proof coating. This Tawa offers a smooth cooking surface while preventing stickiness and mess, for oil-free and healthy rotis, chapatis, parathas , and more.

Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker

Comfortable Handles

Greenchef Namo non-stick built with a soft-touch designer finished handle, the Non-Stick Tawa has a Bakelite handle which is firm and easy to grip. The handle is made from heat resistant material that enables ease and convenience while cooking and carrying the tawa.

Pressure Cooker

Non-Stick Coating

The tawa has a nonstick coating on the aluminium base which requires minimal oil, doesn't allow food to stick to the surface and allows even distribution of heat. This saves gas and cooks your nutritious food faster. This non-stick coating tawa is durable and scratch resistant.

flat tawaa

Scratch Resistant Material

The greenchef tawa is designed with scratch and abrasion resistant technology, this tawa range has extreme ability to resist scratches and corrosion on non-stick surfaces making it extremely durable. The cooking dynamics also ensures quick and great cooking experience.

Non Stick

Multi Compatible

The high-quality, extra-thick base distributes heat evenly and is suitable for all cook-tops, including induction and gas stove. The thick bottom of the tawa conducts heats efficiently and distributes it evenly for a better cooking experience.

Pressure Cooker

Easy to Clean

Greenchef tawa is dishwasher safe so that you can wash it and reuse it without any hassle and there will be no smell of the leftovers. Maintaining the tawa is also simple. Owing to its non-stick coating the food residue does not stick to the pan and can be easily washed off with liquid soap and water and does not require hard scrubbing.

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